Expedition to Termana

Part 1 - March 2007 to May 2007

In which the adventurers encounter the natives of Termana

  • On the ship to Termana, Vaughn speaks with Ammon
  • Ammon tells about his encounter with the forest elves
  • First day there, Vaughn, Treat, and Takar are placed together in a special task force by Commander
  • Attack by Spider-Eye Goblins occurs the first night
  • Takar notices two wild elves near edge of forest that look like they’re directing the attack but disappear before anyone can reach them
  • Next morning, the group goes to the fort to receive their first mission
  • Vaughn asks if anyone killed more than 5 goblins; Draken raises his hand
  • The group learns of the poisoned land and the trees which allow crops to grow
  • The group learns that Ammon is considered a hero, since he was the first to bring the seeds of those trees to the colony
  • Viet is imprisoned for inciting the attacks on the colony, according to testimony from Ammon saying that he ordered an entire goblin village wiped out
  • Vaughn recruits Viet into the group so that he can make ammends for his crimes
  • First mission: make contact with the eleven tribes in the forest
  • Vaughn notices Viet always drinking from a hip flask
  • Group goes into forest; encounters Wolf Clan elves
  • Using linquistical training, Treat is able to decipher the elves’ language (since it is a dialect of her native Elven)
  • They are brought to Barshana, leader of the Wolf Clan tribe
  • Barshana mentions a Human trader who is a friend of the Wolf Clan; he is named Brannon
  • The group learns that Barshana’s only remaining daughter, Nauri, has gone hunting in the forbidden area of the forest
  • The group goes out to rescue Nauri from the forbidden area of the forest
  • Their journey leads them through a grove of Shard Trees
  • The group reaches a river of blood, encounters infected creatures
  • The group rescues Nauri and her companion from a group of infected elves from the Scorpion clan
  • Vaughn heals Nauri’s companion of the blood disease but he dies in an encounter on the way back
  • The group returns Nauri to her mother and the group receives tatoos which signify that they are friends of the elves.
  • Barshana tells the group that they are hosting a gathering of of the elf tribes to make peace with the Scorpion and Lizard tribes.
  • Nauri gives the group a sending stone which allow her to keep in contact with them.
  • On the journey back to the colony, the group encounters a giant dead spider. The weight of the spider has caused the ground to give way, revealing the entrance to an underground temple.
  • The group investigates and encounters the snake people worshiping their god. The group also finds murals depicting the battle between the snake god and the elf god.
  • The group retrieves a sealed urn from a trapped room; in the process of retrieving the urn, Viet’s hip flask is destroyed
  • On the journey back, Viet becomes increasingly sick


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