Expedition to Termana

Part 2 - January 2008 to March 2008

In which the adventurers visit Hollowfaust, the City of Necromancers

  • The group returns to the colony and reports to the Commander.
  • The group receives their next assignment, which is to make contact with the human city beyond the forest and establish trade relations. 
  • During the time they were gone, merchants ships had arrived, bringing a wider array of supplies available to the group. 
  • The Commander assigns Little Will to join the group to help guide them through the forest. Little Will is re-assigned from Ammon’s group, and Ammon is not pleased with the decision.
  • Investigating Viet’s odd behavior, Takar discovers the mixture he drinks is brewed from the bartender at the Goblin Eye Inn. He also learned that the primary ingredient is the fruit from the trees that allow crops to grow. The bartender is no longer able to make the mixture, however, since they now post guards to watch the trees. 
  • Takar confronts Viet while he attempts to leave the colony. Viet reveals to Takar his reasons for leaving and his past history with Ammon when he (Viet) was the Commander of the colony. Despite this, Takar convinces Viet to continue to travel with them.
  • During their stay in the colony, Takar notices a serpentine humanoid in the shadows outside his house before it disappears into the shadows. He enters to find his room has been ransacked. 
  • Treat receives a message via the Sending Stone from Nauri. She says that her mother has been killed by the Scorpion Clan but she has escaped to the ‘blue tree’ west of the village.
  • The group heads out to assist Nauri.
  • On the journey to the village, the serpentine humanoid attacks them and attempts to steal Takar’s bag of holding.
  • The group incapacitates the thief and charms him. He states that he is after the urn that they possess since they believe it contains of piece of their dead god. He reveals that they hope to use the piece to eventually resurrect her. 
  • Vaughn gives the urn back to the thief and frees him, stating that their resurrected god will be no match for Tempest. 
  • The group proceeds to the village to find it in ruins and abandoned. 
  • From there, the group traveled to the blue tree where they found tracks leading to a nearby waterfall. Once there, they found numerous Scorpion clan elves searching for Nauri, who is hiding behind the waterfall. 
  • The PCs fight the elves, eventually defeating them and their Druid leader.
  • On the Druid, they find a strange ceremonial dagger. 
  • Soon afterwards, they meet Brannon who instructs them to take Nauri to Hollowfaust for safe-keeping.
  • To get to Hollowfaust and avoid attacks from other Scorpion and Lizard elves, the group takes a route through the “Haunted Forest” area which the elves do not enter.
  • While traveling through the Haunted Forest area, the group captures a necromancer named Morran.
  • Gave Nauri into the custody of Alann, innkeeper of the “Hungry Orc Inn.”
  • Negotiated silver trade with Hollowfaust leaders
  • Vaughn killed while exploring Ghost Quarter
  • Viet left in Hollowfaust under care of Alchemist and his son who was rescued
  • Morran left in Hollowfaust to preach the word of Tempest


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