Expedition to Termana

Part 4 - February 2010 to May 2010

In which the adventurers attempt to turn the tide of the Elven civil war

  • Group meets the elves of Clan Tiger
  • Get location of Brannon and the surviving Clan Wolf tribe members who are planning a counter-attack
  • Learn about advancement of Scorpions across the river
  • Forest has become darker and more dangerous, says the Clan Tiger leader
  • Group finds Brannon and Clan Wolf elves in the ruins of the Clan Unicorn village.
  • Group encounter ghosts of the Clan Unicorn leaders
  • Group tasked with re-taking the Clan Wolf village
  • Group travels to the village, braving sweltering heat, humidity, and rain
  • Takar is killed by a giant that attacks them; he is resurrected by Thorguyzel
  • Earthquakes occur and more serpents than usual are seen.


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